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January 2, 2011.On this day, the IUPUI Special Collections and Archives Photo Caption Contest began. Archives staff were inspired by the cartoon caption contests that ran in The New Yorker magazine, which prompted readers to submit clever and funny captions. Archives has such a wealth of strange and funny photos of IUPUI through the year, staff thought. Why... Read More
January 1, 2003. On this day, retired IUPUI chancellor Gerald L. Bepko became president of Indiana University following the untimely death of Myles Brand. Bepko's appointment was an interim one, to continue until the IU Board of Trustees appointed a regular president. The trustees did so at their meeting of June 27, 2003. Adam W. Herbert began his... Read More
December 31, 1994. On this day, William Voos, dean of the Herron School of Art, stepped down as dean to resume teaching at the school.Voos had come to Indianapolis to lead Herron in July 1985, succeeding Arthur Weber as dean. Voos had previously been president of the Atlanta College of Art, and before that had been associate dean of fine arts at... Read More
December 30, 1954. On this day, or perhaps on another day but we're not being choosey, Santa Claus paid a visit to children at Riley Hospital for Children. He was accompanied by members of the Shortridge High School band.Please contact IUPUI Special Collections and Archives at speccoll@iupui.edu for all your Santa Claus photos needs. 
December 29, 1987.On this day, Santa Claus had some extra visits to make on the IUPUI campus. This photo is evidence that Santa made an appearance at a student party at the Ball Residence. Do you doubt it? Please register your thoughts with IUPUI Special Collections and Archives speccoll@iupui.edu.
December 28, 1991. Guess what, faithful readers? Nothing notable happened in IUPUI history on this day. Therefore, we provide you yet another opportunity to enjoy a visit by Santa Claus to Riley Hospital for Children, this time in 1991. In this photo, Santa confides with his best buddy.Call on IUPUI Special Collections and Archives for all your Santa-... Read More
December 27, 1973. On this day, the IUPUI chapter of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity held its annual Clothe-a-Child-for-Christmas event. The event, originally scheduled for December 20, had been postponed when a snow storm dumped fourteen inches of the white stuff on Indianapolis.  Working with a local community group, APO arranged for children... Read More
Last week we gave you a photo of Herman B Wells as Santa. Others could play that game, too. In this week's IUPUI photo, Virgil Hunt dons the red suit and beard to be Santa Claus. The photo was taken in December 1968 in the Union Building. Santa was assisted by some friendly elves.Hmm. Could Santa have been on hand for the handshake deal between the... Read More
December 26, 1981. On this day, nightly observances of Kwanzaa began in the Union Building, sponsored by the IUPUI Black Student Union (BSU). Running until December 31, the BSU organized workshops and entertainments for families. Representatives of local African-American groups led events for different age groups. Entertainments included musical and... Read More
December 25, 1949.We're shocked! Shocked! to discover that once again nothing of importance happened at IUPUI on this date. For this reason, please accept another Santa Claus photo from our vast haul of Santa photos. In this photo, Santa visits Long Hospital in 1949. This photo tells us that even grown-up boys and girls were pleased to see Santa!Bringing... Read More

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